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Hello and welcome to the Painter-McAlister Ancestry Site.
These pages contain our combined lineages. All of our
ancestors settled in Pennsylvania, coming from the
United Kingdom and Germany with many of the lines
being traced to the 1700's.
My current data base contains over 3500 individuals and over 450
surnames verified by census records, birth and death certificates,
personal diaries and other personal records. Only a partial list is
contained on this site. Please contact me for additional family

"May peace and joy surround you,
contentment latch your door,
and happiness be with you now,
and bless you forever more.





The Lights of Home

"The lights of home
-they bring us a
sense of warmth and peace
The promise untold loveliness',
My Rest, laughter and release.

They are like hands that beckon us
like arms that draw us near,,,,
The lights of Home!
They whisper words
of comfort and good cheer"



Trafford High School Class of 1971

American Spirit

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